The sun, the moon and the people
Muhammad Ali Mangi

There are two most important days of our life, first the day we are born into this ambitious world and other the day we find the reason of coming into this chaotic world. Very limited number of people bothers to find the reason for coming to this world and eventually in the race of discovering themselves they rediscover a lot of hidden treasures of the world. If we have a glance around us, we will find that all the number of successful people in this world are far lesser than the number of those people who led a simple and miscellaneous life. Those people who get success into their lives are the people who bothered to determine what lies inside them rather concentrating on what lies in front of them.

As Baba Bulleh Shah, famous Punjabi Sufi Poet, Quotes:

Parh Parh ilm hazaar kitaabaN

kadi apne aap nu parhya nahin

Jaa jaa wardey mandar maseeti

kadi mann apne wich wareya nahin

Anven larda shaitaan de naal bandeya

kadi nafs apne naal larya nahin

Aakhe peer Bulleh Shah aasmani pharna aeN

jehra man wich wasda unhoN pharya nahin

We achieve real success only when we are able to find what lies inside us. On the contrary we only controls limited parts of our body, it means we are not even having control on our body parts. What if we make any contribution to this society or culture or civilization, will it be meaningful in this whole galaxy? Such are the confusions available around us but yet optimistic approach towards life is better. Either we should remain happy for what we have to lead a happy life or remain unhappy for what we don’t have.

Your instinct towards finding your inner self keeps your image high in front of your perception building about your personality in your brain but your pessimistic approach towards dealing the things pulls you back in grabbing the motives of life swiftly. With this sort of attitude you only delay your success days. Positive approach with positive actions increases probability of success.

Good Luck for life coming ahead into your life.



Abdul Rehman Memon

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