My project my dream I want to achieve in my life is became a good tax practitioner lawyer in my future life.

· I want to achieve this, I like this profession when I was student of, I got motivation from my Advanced Accounting Teacher who is ACCA qualified and teach us as a visiting lecturer.

· I faced many challenges until now, because the big firms who do this type of work they never share the method and secrets how to work and what to work, they just used new fresh aspirants for their offices work like baring a file from that department, gave this file to that department, they did not teach the tricks to new aspirants until two years passed, these the problems I had faced at starting.

· My experience to complete this task is very interested I work with passion and do small things what they said to me for doing.

· I faced many challenges when I was go in a firm to learn the tax work after my LLB and specialization in Tax, my seniors gave me clerical type of work like type this suit make a file of these document’s.

· I learned from this experience is that in tax field the primary thing is document’s, basically they teaches the basic to newly aspirants and also check that are they willing to work or not, they just check their interest.

· The next step is that ALHAMDULILAH I learn basic thing about this profession, now I’m learning the work of tax litigation and Alhamdulillah going very good.

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