Few Ethics of Technological Era

Following are some point-wise stuffs that I learnt through my Journey, Journey from Twelve Class to Starting Contributing to Software Community.

•You can’t complete a Programming Book within few hours or days, as Felleisen said that only Idiots can do this

•If you start learning it stupidly then you can’t come up with Ideas but headache and pain

•If you set a time limit for learning to program then you can’t and never learn but just accomplish the specific task

•You can’t learn to Program (say C++) in 24 hours by books like “Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours”, what you learn is just basic syntax but not the logic

•Status in society is not measured by how much wealth you have but how much you contributed to Society

•When you gotta hunger of knowledge, you should not feel hungry for food

•You must have the attitude to code and aptitude to solve problems, logical reasoning in problem-solving helps to become a good developer

•Just having an engineering degree does not make you an engineer, just because you did a course and got certified in a technical institute does not make you an engineer

•Just because you paid the fees of four-year engineering does not make you an engineer. You can not buy knowledge; you have to seek the knowledge; your colleges have became business models

•Holding a non-CS degree does not mean that you can not code; it is measured by your passion, skills, ability to learn and solve problems

•In Industries stupid and non-technical people review your resumes and can look for degree but not skills, so work hard

•Most students waste their four-year engineering and hope that they can learn better way during jobs, but when you compete with the people in Open Source World you see where the people of your age stand

•Attend the course If you have passion, but not for the sake of doing it in your final project. It’s waste of time if you don’t have passion and you still do

•Let your mentor(s) know about your skills, passion, interest and your introduction

•One of the reasons for working with FLOSS is to become self-discipline and can stand on our own

•Wanna learn anything then Practice, Practice, Practice

•Decide your mentor as you decide your Ice-Cream, you taste all flavors and rely on one. Talk to people and decide the best for you

•Learn at least one language from Procedural, Object-Oriented, Functional and Logical paradigms. It opens up the mind to think in different ways

•Unix philosophy says, “Do one thing, and Do it well”

Every Company uses Free Software but most of them do not announce, while some of them announce and keep/held conferences!
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