Android Wallpapers: Famous categories

One of the most important aspects when it comes to transmitting your own personality is to define your image and the objects you carry with you. Among these objects stands out is the smartphone, the device that we use most when it comes to work and playtime. We are aware that you love personalizing your smartphone, but not only you, we like it too! It is one of the greatest virtues of Android, the ability to customize our mobile how and when we want.

Whether you have a Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Xioami, Motorola or HTC mobile, you’ll probably like to change your look every now and then. One of the ways that first enters the eyes is the wallpaper.

In the network there are millions of android wallpapers, and grouped in different categories. Cinema, music, landscapes, colors, photographs, “celebrities” … an endless number of Wallpapers to personalize your smartphone.

Taking into account that the personal tastes of each user are a world, we are not going to focus on wallpapers of cultural categories, since each would like more or less. Today we want to show you 2 major categories of Android wallpapers in Full HD. Let’s have a look.

Abstract wallpapers
One of the favorite categories of users, these wallpapers look great on any device, as they simple and nice. We leave a few wallpapers here, but at the end of the article you will have the link to download all the others. Take advantage of!

How nice is a good landscape at the bottom of our screen, right? This category is one of the most downloaded around the world, and is that users love to see such stunning views without leaving home. We know that it is not the same, but hey, it can serve us to imagine how it would be a getaway by those places. Let’s have a look at the landscape wallpapers.

Of course, there is also room to include Full HD wallpapers from leading mobile phone manufacturers. This way you will find the Samsung galaxy wallpapers, wallpapers for HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG or Xiaomi.
To set up these wallpapers on your Android phone, just save any image with the right button and then download them on your mobile phone.
That was the categories which are liked by most of the people. Maybe you are not among them and you have a different taste from others. So, we are going to share some new wallpapers containing most of the famous categories of mobile wallpapers. You can find the link of the website from where we are sharing these images. You can download them by visiting this link.