Emergency Call

Corporate Satire

“Splash!!” down goes the flush of the toilet as I relieved myself off last night meals. “Huh!!” I
exhaled a sigh of relief while taking a deep breath before the life-sized mirror in the rest room. I
smiled at my reflection and stepped out merrily, whistling and crooning, “laa la lalaaa” before a
loud bam thudded my ears.
It was a thumping sound of emergency announcements barking, “Fire Fire!!!…Pomp Pomp!!!” The
same iterated for few more minutes, turning me nervous. “Wallah! What is going on?” I questioned
to my astounded self. Few more minutes passed and some earsplitting noise from sirens resonated
to add to my annoyance and more to my surprise.
It sounded like an emergency call and I turned too scary looking around chaotically to see how the
people react. Period! I couldn’t see anyone around. The cubicles were completely deserted. My
fear started aggravating and my heartbeats pumped up out of the rhythmic 72 beats per minute.
The worry on my face was visible from the rush of sweat running down my face in response to the
hormones that instinct fear.
Running for my life, I rushed to the lift that was shut down in emergency. This added more to my
uneasiness. In no time, I ran towards the stairs and moved down hurriedly panting like anything. I
was out of breath, running for my life that seemed running away from me fearing some mysterious
danger. Remember Will Smith from I am legend looking for a trace of life in an alienated and
outlandish world.
While descending the stairs, I was struggling at every step to find a safer zone. Finally after
stumbling and tumbling, I landed on the ground floor throbbing, snuffling and panting for air. All
drenched in sweat, I took a pause and leaned forward, with my hands touching my knees and my
head hanging down to ground, to catch hold of my losing breath. Ho!! I lifted myself up and as I
looked around, I was dumbfounded.
My,Oh,My!! I could not believe what reality presented to me and my eyes protested back in
surprise. I rubbed my eyes in an attempt to see the reality more closely. Again, I was spellbound.
My mouth was wide open, short of words, with the wide-eyed me watching people relaxed,
chatting, gabbing and laughing. “Oh My Goodness!!” I uttered to my break my surprise. “It was a
mock drill.”
There was an enumerate crowd of people, all relaxed and busy with their respective circles,
rejoicing their complimentary time thanks to the mock drill that was going on. “A damn mock
drill,” I ridiculously grumbled to myself before I rested my broken self on the parapet.
I took a deep breath to comfort my puffed breathing. I smiled and I laughed… Ha-ha! Soon my
cardiograph jotted down to normal 72 beats per minute and I smiled at the people around. I
looked up skywards and laughed again for the stupidity.
I fear the next time even if the real calamity bells the emergency whistles, I would rather be
catching Z’s on my desk and dreaming for a good life than chasing for a mock.
The bottom line is that mock drills are important exercises for awakening people about the
various security measures to be followed. But the more important thing is that people should
take it on a serious note. I doubt if such mock drills would really serve the purpose at the time of
a real calamity. Because everyone knows the story of the boy who cried wolf :D

P.S. This is a fictional work of the author weaved around the theme of Corporate Satire to
tell the readers their own story. Any kind of resemblance would simply be a candid coincidence.

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