You think it’s not an easy logic to carve a flourish warm currencies dispenser right within your niche there? No rookie, it just as possible as you are reading this. This isn’t a lengthy piece as you would have imagined. I would rather back this write ups with a worthy classic line. “Anything you are doing now that makes you feel worthy and seems less complex at the end, just continue do that, do not dice-rolled. With consistency you will one day, surely be a pro at that.

If it is writing, write anyways

If it is designing, design with your last dimes

If it is creativity, be the frontliner

If it is speaking, continue speaking

You are a critical thinker, be ready for any challenge

Whatever and no matter what you are doing, don’t feel loose, don’t feel somehow even if you are rejected. Just keep the consistency on the line and subdue your persistency, believe me, the world would find you one day. Thanks




I write to elucidate more, your instincts!

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Abdulyekeen Taoheed

Abdulyekeen Taoheed

I write to elucidate more, your instincts!

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