Are leaders really born?

LEAD the SHIP. Become a pirate or a sailor it doesn’t matter, YOU can even become the monk of chaos!

What leaders need to ensure, is to lead the ship for the decided goal and ensure that everyone sailing with them are happy; The satisfaction of reaching the port is an innate experience and the journey is worth everyone’s time, sweat, patience and commitment.

Numerous articles regarding what is leadership and how to achieve that have been published, so I shall defocus your attention to what you already know! — Being open to learning and un-learning; and become a student for life!

Though farsightedly showcasing, this is just one characteristic of a true leader- Being a guide from within, and for everyone by understanding the power of knowledge, experiment and value of experience.

Talking in the sense of corporate world, one can hire employees, motivate and uplift them to achieve the goals they have capabilities of, but still something leaves them unsatisfied on the long term -> It is the value of their time. One can do everything but still cannot pay them for the time they invested, and this is because even the followers of leaders have a hidden leader within them who see’s the world with the same eyes as their leader!

Factually speaking, no leader can exist without a team, and everyone has a leader within them, and it is them who help one reach their goals and build their dreams, because they are dreamers too!

A leader is born with such personal traits, selfless motives and cognitive factors, which others tend to decline or neglect.

I am only trying to master the art of de-coding and demonstrate, that leaders are not made, they are born. In a way it is like that do or die situation which people generally call- “Persistence”, and which is one amongst many other definitions like- Equality, Truth, Team spirit, and what not.

In an era that feels starved for leadership, some names come as examplaries — Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama, Fred Smith, and in present Richard Branson or Elon Musk in my opinion are the known leaders. Learning from their Charisma shall become the fragrance of your soul.

Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to “LEAD” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organisations. and this is just one definition.

When you start a company and lead it, its like giving birth to a child. You need to ensure the basics, and provide the eco-system for the child to grow. The feeling to see your child grow is enthralling.

Now the problem arises about living in the illusion of “I Know everything”. This develops a hard layer of EGO, and puts an end to one’s learning. What we should rather do is, believe and practise an altruistic life!

True leaders know themselves, inside-out. Just like the experience we feel when seeing our true face in the mirror. Seeing the real us. And then they seek to work on themselves to keep spreading the light…

What is the greatest quality of a leader? The clarity with their VISION. They value integrity and have a balance of emotions. These three make a spiral which is closely knitted, even one thread if broken, tears the whole joint. Other skills include, Time management, Persistence, Honesty, Flexibility, Willingness to be perfect, Urge to be different, Open learning, they value all things, and nothing for them is small.

What makes one leader distinguish from the other?

- The power to implement idea’s. And TEAM BUILDING with their personal artistic personality.

Are you a leader? → YES YOU ARE!

Identity of a leader cannot be found or fabricated, it emerges from within. When one has the courage to let go, find who they are and accept themselves.

That puts the first stone in the water, which will thereafter only create ripples.

How Albert Einstein de-coded that compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. They de-coded the power of ripple that a leader can create in the world.

I only want to be surrounded by leaders, who are passionate enough to risk their life in creating a change for humanity. Its important to give back to this world, more than what we have taken!

I would end this by my favourite quote from a true leader — Pramod kumar srivastava:

Leadership is like LOVE, you know it- But it is difficult to define it.

Lets pledge to become the monks of chaos and awaken our leader to shape the world. Leadership is not influencing, it is AUTHENTICITY. #PEACE.