The sound of silence.

This time, I don’t have any story to share with you!

AND this silence shall make you peak through the impervious and become infallible to realise the immaculate sound of silence to shape and heal, anything et al. Words, can be deceiving!

I think that this power, cannot even be conveyed by vibrations of a mortal being… SILENCE is golden and this asymptote has immaculate juggernaut and grit to answer, everything. We should just look around, with open eyes!

It’s our inability to understand the sound of silence and feel it around the energy and aura of every mortal soul.

Silence is extremely powerful and nothing is more beautiful than silence. I am still in silent love with the sound of falling water!

Imagine in this world, if you can convey all your emotions, belief’s, experiences by just becoming silent.

Silence conveys an augmented frequency of fractious emotions and its gamut is visceral for every being to live a liberated life and cherish its utopia.

The monks have a truly significant understanding of this power, and a reason why chaos is nothing to them, they breathe contentment! Lets become the “Monks of Chaos”…

In the present Millennial world, we are overpowered with power and greed and a capitalistic approach to life and humanity and we care about terrorism to obesity. WE must learn from monks, how they live within the chaos, so silent that they become complete within themselves. Like becoming a pious camaraderie of nothing within everything.

“COMMUNICATION” is a known secret in the present day connected world, and we must talk to the other person to learn and un-learn. But more important is “KNOWLEDGE”. The knowledge of oneself and its silence!

Go ahead, become silent yet so powerful that you can transcend human lives. And become conscious to use this power to communicate and derive the etymologies to garner silence, forever.

Lets hear and never hear, lets speak and never speak, lets only be inferred by the sound of silence!