Be Positive and Change the Game

Starting with the quart of “Tony Robbins” that is “Overcome Your Negative Emotions, take back control of your life”

As negativity of any kind like emotions, thoughts or happening took over life by stopping you becoming happy, energetic and an optimist.

Being a human I think every one of us face such situations like negative thoughts, emotions,depression or anything negative.

This doesn’t matter the thing which matters is how we deal with or encorporate our mind to come out of it or came towards positivity. Some of my experiences regarding this are as:

  1. When I am at height I came up with thoughts like I fell down and broken my legs, or died or what happens if my friend fell away from that height.
  2. On the platform hit by the train or fell out of the train. And much more.

So what I did is close my eyes for a while or shake my head to came out of that bloody thought and start thinking of something i have good in life.

On behalf of this I like to share one of my life experience. While working at McDonald’s I have faced most negative person of my life not going to reveal the name radiating negative vibes all the way never prays you and even demotivate you on your good work. By saying “Who ask you to do that?” so I use to become very panic and frustrated in the beginning. I discussed with my colleagues and they replied “I is his nature, so ignore him” . Than I act upon their suggestions and never mind of his words again.

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