My first Blog

Part 1: Edhi sb Reading

“I hated failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort, by which rule I believed I could win”
 These lines are said by Edhi sb when he was telling his story. Here Edhi sb use the principle of amal for success which is kam, kam or kam. Here Edhi sb tells us that working hard is key of success. If we do work hard and then altimately we will achieve our goal. I choose this example because it is related to my experience. In matric i have competition with my friend to to get first position in the class. In the the the first part my friend got higher marks than me. Then i took this seriously and start hard working. At the end in the second part i got much higher marks than my friend and took first position in the class. So by hard working i got my goal to take first position in my class.

Part 2: #JustStart Project

My goal is to be self confident to speak in the front of any sort of gathering. to look confidend in public speaking i made these following three task to do

1: Practice

2: Make eye contact with audience

3:Be expressive with your emotions

I was nervous when i start speaking in the front of my class,and sometime in front of mirror so by doing practice i over come on this. To looks confident it is very important to make eye contact with audience and to be expressive with proper body language. The main challenge for this was to come out of your comfort zone which is not a easy thing. I learnt that if we decide to do something and start working on it then we can do it.

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