Explore your interests.

I’ve been on the lookout for my passion, that one thing that will brighten my every day and will make me love every minute of working. I thought that pondering about it would help me find it, but in reality what helps me the most is getting out of my comfort zone and learning as I go.

Go out there and explore your interests.

It is very valuable as a young individual to have the capability to explore what gets your attention. Do you have an interest in cooking? Take a beginner’s course! Do you have an interest in oil painting? Go to your local gallery and start asking for beginner’s groups! Have businesses inspired you? Start working at a Mom n' Pop restaurant and you’ll learn plenty about business.

If you’re feeling exhausted, have no sense of purpose or direction and in general, you find yourself unhappy, go out and search for a new opportunity. After all, what is there to lose if every experience brings new understanding?

Go out there, and explore your interests.