Capture and Share videos directly via email, text or social media using a simple link

About a year ago, I had a chance to meet Steve — a stakeholder at — at a local charity event. I spoke with Steve about my ambition to work on digital products. Steve invited me to work with him on I eagerly agreed.

Overview is an app that let users capture and share videos from a phone to anyone and everyone. Users can share directly using SMS, Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc…or users can post socially to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

My Role: I was tasked with different duties on this project. I worked on the UI & UX while conducting product-market research and SWOT analysis.

Problem Statement

The team wanted to build an app that can bring friends and families closer by focusing on end users; which are the people watching (receiving) the content rather than the broadcasters (sending). makes life simple for the receiving end user. It eliminates the hassle of signing up for yet another social media account. uses a simple link to directly share using SMS or Email in real time or as an archive.

If you share while you are shooting, your viewers watch it live. If you share after shooting, they get the archive. It plays on any browser, mobile or desktop. Viewers don’t have to sign up, download an app, or join a social network to watch.

Users was experimenting with beta users and early adopters to discover possible potential use cases for the application.

Once introduced to the application, I conducted SWOT analysis.

SWOT analysis

I also conducted market analysis to understand where can have the biggest impact with little to no competition. I have listed several video sharing application below.

Qualitative Analysis

The qualitative analysis helped me to uncover features that might prove beneficial to

No app currently allows mass sharing of videos using a simple link via emails, SMS or any of the social platform. This feature alone is a huge differentiator. Now the question is do people care?

Design Process

The “familiarity breeds liking” effect states that we express undue liking towards things that are familiar.

As a UX designers, this is a psychological principle I take advantage of. In designing the app, I wanted to have a familiar feel to Snapchat. Currently, Snapchat is one of the fastest growing video sharing apps; so successful that Facebook created its own version of Snapchat.

In the redesign process, I incorporated Snapchat like UI, allowing the app to to appear visually and functionally familiar while enabling great user experience.

Here is one of my proposed changes from the original app design.

Redesign of


I rely heavily on pen and paper to get ideas out of my head. I can easily create something and toss it out if doesn’t fit with in the project. However, I usually keep my sketches to review at a later time.

Some of my greatest inspirations come from my early sketches, days after I had done them.

User flow from the feed tab

In the Feed tab, a user can select a video to watch. While watching, a user can tap on the screen to bring up the Like, Pause and Comment buttons. While in the comment section, a user can read comments made by other users and leave their own comment if they choose to.


The tab-bar

The tab bar employs clean icons with corresponding titles to inform users simple navigation between Home, Feed and Explore.

Home: is where videos recorded by the user are kept.

Feed: is where the user can browse through their families and friends recordings.

Explore: is where the user can browse thru recordings that are recorded and shared publicly.

Here, the design has a similar feel to Instagram; except in this case we have a grid view of videos.

Again the reason behind this decision is familiarity. Users can quickly grasp the idea, form, and function behind

Retrospective lessons

Personally, I learned the importance and impact of User Centered Design. Incorporating design thinking early in the development phase assures users an apps usability.

People will adopt a solution to a problem as long as it’s functional. Thats where great UX shines. UX makes sure that app/product is usable at it’s basic form.