(And no, Lyft isn’t paying me!)

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To my fellow Lyft drivers:

There’s a big to-do about California’s Prop 22 right now, as all of you know because of the constant messaging from Lyft. (Uber drivers and others, I’m sure you’ve experienced the same.) And as someone with a long-time interest in both politics and the tech sector, I was really interested by the arguments on both sides. So I did a little digging and wanted to share what I found.

The skinny? Prop 22, while imperfect, offers us the opportunity to keep our flexible jobs, with increased pay. It would likely need to be amended in the long term, but it is a start. The legislature’s alternative, AB5, would lay off millions of workers in the short term and reduce both flexibility and pay in the long term. …


Abe Collier

“I do not understand one thing in this world. Not one.” — Marilynne Robinson, ‘Gilead’

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