Edhi sb as Humanitarian :

( 1928-forever)

Also known as ‎Angel of Mercy; the Richest Poor…A Pakistani Philanthropist and ascetic…

For him,“No Religion is superior than Humanity”.He believed in Amal, with Small beginning actions not in just making verbal statements.

“The strength of words lies in Implementation, otherwise they are meaningless.”

When I was reading his autobiography, there were many incidents which inspired me. He used to roam in the streets looking for handicapped and destitute. When he found someone, he would run back home for supplies. His mother used to give him 2 paisas, one for him and one to give any needy. He did amal with small beginnings but always dreamt of bigger ideas like building a hospital, investing the money in company shares, making a village for handicapped people etc

The very first relevant example which I can relate to, which stroked my mind, is about our society of, C.L.E.P. (Child Labor Eradication program), although not on larger scale but at least every one is taking part in own capacity. Some of us took initiative and now supporting round about 130 Children; in their studies with funds and providing them with uniforms, bags and books. Once, As a Nutrition Student, I and my fellows did free camping in SOS village, a poverty stricken area, where we made free assessments and provided them with Food stuff and some gifts to children.Fascinated by Edhi sb’s work I also want to dream bigger like making a network of Nutrition-centre for poverty stricken people at least in my capacity.

I just believe that these small acts of kindness can create endless ripples.

#JustStart project:

As an introvert person, I’m always frightened of public speaking. It literally gives me sweats of horror, when I think of it. Whenever there is season of class presentations, I got panic and act insanely. Just to get rid of all and to boast up my self-confidence, I was thinking about different things which would better help me like trying to meet more people, starting conversations by my own, giving presentations etc. there were many ideas To Face my Fears. “Why not conduct an interview with any faculty member?”One day I thought, “It would definitely help to cope up with my problem.” I was thinking about it from long time, but implementation was quite difficult due to lack of courage and other fears.

It took time but I finally decided to take interview of Mam Beenish Asad, a renowned RD, and Lecturer at U.A.F., consultant, RJ and Social rights activist as well. For this I took appointment from her and then went to National hospital, Faisalabad although it was very bad day. Because on that day, it was raining badly with thunder storms. I got wet, there I first thought of cancelling the program but then showed determination. Sitting in her office, I asked her about her passion, profession, leisure time hobbies, about her childhood memories, her motto of life and also seek advises .At First, I found it li’l bit difficult but later on the interview turned to more informal added by jovial heartily smiles and jokes. It was a wonderful experience overall. To level of my astonishment, It gave me a real kick from inside. Other than confidence, I learned many things from her life experiences and suggestions. Now I’m thinking about repeating the same with other worthy faculty members and to do more active participation in my class. The success is just a few steps away, If You Just take a start to chase your dreams!

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