Edhi’s ingredients for WORTHY LIFE!

We all enter into a phase of life where we start picturing our future followed by a driving force within which keeps asking us some questions what are my passions? What are my needs? What skills do i have? What options do i have? Should I go for higher studies or continue with whatever job i get first. Our mind is buzzing with unexplored ideas all night long with days passing by so fast that you feel insecure that you got to do something and this time thing...It keeps moving…but you don’t. You are just planning . . . That’s life after graduation for you Ladies and Gentlemen.

Just like all of us, Edhi had also these decisions to make in his life though it was never his graduation point specifically because he didn’t follow the common trend of society of education and then job which people normally does but he had his own vision even very different than his own brother. His whole life from the start had decisions to make till the last of his breathe. He made decisions once every time and not even a single thing shattered his confidence and belief his whole life. His vision stayed clear for whole life what he wanted. Its kind of belief i didn’t witness in Jack Ma, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg because Edhi’s vocation was not meant to be for the sake of money. He never wanted money. Whatever he earned, he didn’t take it as a profit or reinvested it for the sake of bigger profit. He kept utilizing it for the benefit of people. His only concern was to utilize all his resources for the service of Humanity. I want to be social entrepreneur and I believe no example could be as good as Edhi’s. One needs to have a belief that does not get shattered by few ounces of failure when piles of success after those failures could weigh more in future. It does not matter that you follow the common trends of society. It just does not matter. You got to follow what is inside you, asking you to just to do no matter what if it does not pay you back . . .

Talking about his decisions about his career choices in his whole life, he could have gone the other way many times in his vocation but he choose to connect his dots incredibly well despite those. Let’s start to connect Elizabeth’s idea of hobby/Job/Career/Vocation to Edhi’s decision making. At age of 5, he had a decision to make when her mother gave him 2 paisas, it was onto him whether he enjoys a 2 paisa treat or really does what gives him inner peace. One could argue that it was what her mother drilled into him. But that’s fine too.
He helped people voluntarily even in his teen age. He tried schools and working at shop both but made a choice to work at shop because that made more sense to him that time. Then sold pencils and match boxes in market. That is not what children of that age group didn’t do even in those years. He made a choice. He never thought he learnt so much from the school master than a beggar who he helped for 21 days and disappeared. He kept equipping himself with knowledge despite having no regular schooling with reading newspaper about injustice, revolutionary personalities and the world. Those were decisions that he made and depicted well practically in his confidence when he worked at medical dispensary of his own community first time but witnessed many unjust values in their culture so he stood tall against them. He gathered all his courage alone. This served as a foundation for Edhi foundation. It all started when he took up a job as a Paan shop and then again hawking and selling match box, pencils and towels. Despite facing severe threats, he chose to keep doing the good work and set up his own medical dispensary when there was enough money and for not only his community but for the people of all communities rich or poor. He worked 24/7 to serve people better. And It kept going . . . He chose different jobs in his life big or small but never left kept him away from human service that was his vocation. I would conclude by one of the finest words he spoke to his friends when they called him a big dreamer in his teen age: 
I could begin small but why should I think small” I would say the same that “the beginning does not matter but the ending does”

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