Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King is a Netflix must watch

There are many comedy specials on Netflix at this point. Netflix seemingly has become very popular with many comedians, as specials from Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Tracy Morgan and many other well known comedians can easily be found within their catalogue.

A recent special that had grabbed my attention was Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King. It received plenty of social media marketing, but I was curious about it because I had only discovered Hasan Minhaj fairly recently through his work on The Daily Show and the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner, which he did an excellent job in.

Hasan at the White House Correspondents Dinner 2017

Having decided to watch his Netflix special, I can certainly say it was fantastic. Hasan shows that he is a talented comedian and never drops a beat throughout the special. I found that I was laughing out loud at most of his jokes, and couldn’t turn away from his more serious moments and reflections on his life stories which he so eloquently and expertly conveyed to the crowd and to the people watching from home.

What I found particularly impressive was Hasan’s ability to cover jokes and stories that are similar to those we have heard from many other comedians, but apply his own twist and unique delivery to them. For this reason, nothing he covered felt tired, overplayed or the same as I have heard from any other comedian. Having your own unique mark and delivery is key as a comedian to me, and Hasan shows he has that creative intelligence required to make his jokes his own.

Being of Pakistani descent, and a Muslim like Hasan, many of jokes and experiences were certainly relatable to me. However, his humour was not limited to any one demographic, and his switching of topics ranging to his experiences growing up, racism in America and his efforts in becoming a comedian helped engage the entire crowd and ensured that no matter what he was talking about, there would always be jokes in there that you understand and can relate to. The energy he showed, the enthusiasm, the stage presence were all top class, and I’m excited to see Hasan grow in his career and has a comedian.

Overall, even if you aren’t a huge fan of stand up or aren’t very familiar with Hasan, I recommend you give his special a watch. There aren’t many comedians out there with as much talent as he clearly has, and there aren’t many other specials on Netflix that have kept me laughing for the full hour they were on. Hasan Minhaj, keep up the good work.

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