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Growing up in Kerala, one thing which always fascinated me was the sheer size of the country which was lying ahead. Every time I looked up, I could sense the enormity of the area which I had to cover to connect to the soul of the country. Having worked and lived in multiple cities and states, I always had a fascination for roots and diversity. There is an inherent beauty to it which I wanted to explore and connect with. And then, I found ShareChat!

What do people look at when they explore the possibilities to join an organisation? On a surface level, there are the 3Ps — People, Position and Package. For someone like me, who is in the early stage of my career, those three are good enough reasons to pick the side. But when the chance to work for ShareChat came across my way, there was little more to it. I was smitten by the journey that ShareChat embarked on. …


Mohammed Abeer

“The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind” — Vera Nazarian

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