Meaning and Feeling

Painting by Peter Mohall

Meaning and feeling are two of the ways people decide whether or not they would like to do something. If there is a lot of meaning, or there is a lot of feeling, the thing being contemplated takes on a charged quality and attracts focus.

If there is a good feeling, people like that. A good feeling occurs in the body. It is a physiological response that recruits the lived memory of the entire being.

If there is a lot of meaning, people like that. Meaning occurs in the mind. It is a cognitive calibration that taps into the depth of memory.

Both meaning and feeling rely on time. Meaning into how deeply the present is connected to the past. Feeling on how deeply the past is available to the present.

When I say the word meaning, you may be interpreting the word meaning and connecting it in your mind to what I may consider feeling.

There is no correct answer to what meaning is perceived as versus what feeling is perceived as.

So meaning and feeling can be considered to actually be the same thing for all practical purposes.