The Evolution of MorpheusLabs from the world of Metaverse on the Blockchain.

What is metaverse ?

Most blockchain adopters find it difficult to understand the real world of metaverse, which has made most investors neglecting metaverse projects. The metaverse is very complex, mostly people termed metaverse as gaming with NFTs, VR, VA, Smart glasses. It is also a networking platform which is focused on social connections. Also, it is a contextual destination that happens when you integrate digital technologies with the physical world, paving the way for interactive and immersive experiences that encompass work, entertainment, and everything in between.

MorpheusLabs and its Evolution in the Metaverse.

MorpheusLabs is a Singapore based blockchain company with team headed by Chuang Pei-Han, CEO of MorpheusLabs, its primary objective is to provide firms, companies and businesses with a a full-service Blockchain-Platform as a Service (BPaaS). It is also a platform on the blockchain space which has got additional blockchain market application, It is targeted at providing new and existing investors in the blockchain developmental tools and infrastructure to rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers. It is a leading Blockchain-Platform-As-A-Service (BPaaS) provider, providing platforms and developers with the tools they need to build their ideas. Users can script out tools that will be utilized in the building of their decentralized app (DApp), as well as critical infrastructure to ensure that their dApps run properly, on this ecosystem, and each tool it gives can work on several blockchain protocols.

300 ETH token was contributed during the presale of MorpheusLabs token (MITx) private sale.

MorpheusLabs is structurally designed to proffer solutions and overcome challenges that hinders the adoption of the blockchain, it launched it BPaaS and application market place on October 31, 2018 with a native token (MITx)

MorpheusLabs features

Solution Center

You can Supercharge your development lifecycle with our MorpheusLabs Solution Center. The solution center comprehensively covers the development, testing, deployment, run, and scale applications across physical, virtual, and distributed ledger technologies environments. Create, test, deploy and scale across numerous environments for your next project.


MorpheusLabs UseCases are like playbooks to assist boost up the adoption and the development of current solutions. The Use Cases works as task- based graphic workflows that assist visualize processes and automate deployments, connecting disparate platform tools and infrastructure components in a seamless and process-based use

Application Library

MorpheusLabs application library will help developers Get useful resources from the application Library, developers can get access and download the code of a wide range of DApps to your Repository, also, developers can build on code that has been thoroughly tested by others to suit your specific needs. Developers obtain the smart contract-based incentive when their application is been published, which gives room to an opportunity to marketize and become a use case.


For every project a team Is required so as to achieve the aims and objectives of the company. Team is also very essential for collaborative development. For every businesses and firms. that would love to outsource an IT/Developmental team, you can share a project and connect with an external organization on the platform. Organizations can also work on this new enhancement to conduct training workshops and hackathons as well.


MorpheusLabs has done super great ever since when the project has commenced operation, it has got lots of achievements in terms of innovation, infrastructure and adoptions in the blockchain. The project has partnered with lots of projects, it has partnered with the Asia token fund (ATF) which symbolizes the introduction of prospective customers to one another so as to deliver solutions and usage of products by both parties, also, it has introduced the first Asia blockchain academy so as to make blockchain easier for learners or new investors in the blockchain, lastly, MorpheusLabs has made use of the blockchain in other to enact transparency in the aviation industry.


MorpheusLabs is a blockchain platform which has structurally evolved from the world of metaverse, it is basically targeted at developing the blockchain and also proffering solutions to the major challenges that is hindering the Success of the blockchain. The MorpheusLabs platform will support distributed hosting for blockchain network nodes and off-chain applications while providing a centralised platform service for developing, managing and regulating blockchain networks. The team has done great in terms of partnership, it has partnered with the Asia token fund (ATF), also, it has partnered with Tiny Island Productions which landed them signing MOU in other to explore possibilities to enter Metaverse realm.


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