10 Habits That Change Boys Into Men
Benjamin P. Hardy

I can’t thank you enough for this article, I agree with you about my wife helping me be a better man, a better person. I grew up with amazing and supportive parents and that still wasn’t enough to give me desire to take on adult responsibilities; I sought solace and comfort as a single man because the world was about “me.” Marriage taught me the world never was about me. I need to fulfill my role in service to others (no one can ever take that away from anyone)

“Adulting” is new word for responsibilities that sounds like it’s something to cope with. Growing up cozy means you have to face “adultitis” which makes adult life feel like a prison sentence. Maybe our parents spoiled us too much! Maybe we grew up a little too cozy…

But that’s not the problem.

I know history works in cycles. And concerning the shifting role of boys and men in society, I couldn’t see how the cycle would work in our favor…until I read your article because it got me thinking: human nature is narcissistic. Yes it’s social but it demands: what’s in it for me!

So the role of men and boys is (and always will be) in service of others. Anything is possible when you’re in the service of others.

So the thing about the role of boys and men suddenly is no longer about testosterone levels or learning to cook or anything specific, rather, it will be about individual experiences in context with the male brain (which is very different from female brain)…although testosterone therapy and healthy habits are a great start! :)

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