The new world

In this new world, knowledge doubles every 12 hours. But Our own knowledge does not. We have to be connected somehow to this explosion in technology.

There is noise now more than ever, and the signal is weakest as ever. We need technologies to make sense of all this noise.

Talent is abundant.

Time is abundant.

Knowledge is abundant.

Resources are abundant.

What we lack is direction. There is a crisis in management. Think why people are upset with government. They would vote for Trump as the solution bringer. Most people are confused and do not know where to go.

People are like 100 sheep, only 1 is a leader while the rest 99 are sheep.

We have more information today than ever. Why then do we suck at making decisions and managing? One reason is because problems are becoming more complex now than ever. The population is exploding, the consumption is exploding, every one has their own leanings and own aspirations, their own idea of how the world should be. It is a nightmare to try to manage such chaos. The presidency of the US is today the most difficult job in history ever.

The idea that one person can manage the complexities of the world through gut feeling or by using management techniques used throughout history is doomed to fail. Instead, we should switch to data-driven management and government of every aspect of society. Programs will need to be funded and tracked on their ROI. Employees activity will have to be tracked and rewarded accordingly. The choice to undertake any activity should be backed by data, and the cost benefit should be measured. There should be a data science component in every aspect of government.

The voting system is indeed rigged. It assumes that everyone is equal in terms of their knowledge. Imagine if you have a burning house with 10 people inside. Only one scientist is among them and the rest are not. The scientist warns them that the house is on fire and they should evacuate immediately. Instead of listening, they decide to take a vote. Only the scientist has proof the house is burning. The others do not. They decide 9 to 1 to stay in the house. This is the voting system in a nutshell whether in congress, the senate, or in the general elections.

Scientists have today the impossible job of both researching issues, then educating the masses in order to sway their vote into the scientifically sound direction.

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