Fortunately, people now more than ever are starting to realize that the pursuit of money alone to the exclusion of all else is the cause for so many of the world’s issues, and people are looking for solutions.
GameChangers 500’s Quest to Herald the Era of Ethical Business
Ephi Blanshey

Allow me the arrogance of recasting this statement: Educated, middle class citizens of affluent capitalistic societies are starting to realize that the practices that previously paid for their privilege are reaching the point of diminishing returns.

I challenge the notion that its a populous sentiment based on altruism. You are projecting your own “goodness” on others. For a model to succeed, it has to be unflinching in assessing the state of its constituent parts and resources. The culture of greed maintained by those who benefit most from inequity has poisoned the hearts and minds of the very folks who benefit the least. So formative change can only be secured by disillusioned members of privileged groups. You are mounting a middle class cultural coup based on the localized frustrations of your generational peers. Good luck and god speed. I think we do more for ourselves and others when are more precise about what’s really going on.

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