Hi Abel!
Ephi Blanshey

I think your ideas are generally on the money. I tend to challenge the practice of attributing behavior to “people” without data to substantiate its universal nature. Unsupported generalizations can muddle a discourse. I am guilty as anyone and hope all hold me to count.

Now for some specifics:

The phrase “starting to realize” suggests lack of prior knowledge. The indigenous people of the world clearly have prior knowledge. They have struggled without pause to check the self destructive ideas that accompany modern society. So we are not talking about them. Poor(er) communities around the world consistently demonstrate prior knowledge that the conditions they experience are an unacceptable byproduct of capitalistic imperialism. So they already know. So who exactly at this point in history is just starting to wake up to the noise that powers the signal. Children and communities who have been sheltered from it all (Educated, middle class citizens of affluent capitalistic societies). And yes, I served a dollop of cynicism by asserting that a surge in awareness in this group coincides with a decline in privileges.

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