Worst deal ever

Last day the Trump administration re-certifies the nuclear deal with the Iranian regime. The question here is has this deal the worth to be certified again. What really are taking the US and the world from this deal? Its right that the A-bomb is a strategic weapon and countries who have this weapon can stabilize their position in the world and that is a very important issue for a regime like the Iranian regime. On the other side is that we live in the 21th century and no one can use and will use such a weapon. Even big powers like Russia and China has no benefits to use it. That’s because, it will not only hurt their enemies, and it will hurt them too, from many sides. So even N-Korea is just playing with it to get a little more from the world. So why was this deal a bad deal? That’s because this deal release a lot of money for a regime which is supporting day by day global terrorism and is becoming the godfather of it. Just look on Iraq and Syria and Yemen and many other countries in which the Iranian regime is interfering. This is what the Iranian regime is taking from the Obama administration instead of the deal. It’s a wonder why exactly after this deal the ISIS is growing up so fast!!! The Obama administration make a favor to them keep silence and watch how this regime destroying other countries, many people died, many people fled from their countries or was displaced by force. So the result of this deal was: Give me the Bomb, I’ll close my eyes, do what you want, conquer other countries, I think this was your dream from the beginning of the founding of the Islamic regime.

Iran regime: So I didn’t need the A-bomb anymore thanks Obama. I needed the bomb for that and you give it me free without any tax. Ha Ha.

That’s the reason why this deal must be stopped and real solution about Iran is isolation more sanctions and black listing the IRGC as the main power for all of this.