Perhaps the most obvious difference was the deployment of armed political violence, terror, a…
Matthew Norman Davies

Good point: it took almost two decades! Because like you say, a whole bunch of shit happened before they ever even entered government. And like I say, it’s not even close in the states.

As to whence such comparable violent extremism is happening since inauguration, it’s not and hopefully won’t. Again, not even close.

And this essay only elliptically touches on U.S. warcrimes; I have many others unpacking that theme:

For which conservatives promptly accuse me of hating my own country. Notwithstanding that the goldplated jackass they elected tried to coopt such foreign policy realism only to relent in office to the same permawar establishment that made Hillary unelectable for rads like me.

Though its worth pointing out that almost all of it from initially bipartisan Nam until her arc of instability was conservative-led and apparently part of what once made us great: arming the mujahideen/taliban, school of the Americas, Iran-Contra, GWOT.

Only exception was the multilateral, U.S.-led intervention in the Yugoslav civil war. Which right wingers now can’t get behind because it was a Clinton show and they suddenly inexplicably like the cold war foe which communist iteration they spent decades demonizing the left for empathizing with.

After all, no one associates antiwar or nuke demonstrations with the political right. No matter how much LBJ, the Clintons, or Obama’s GWOT inheritance have sullied the new left’s once-proud peace movement legacy.

Thanks for reading/writing. You offer valuable insights I will take to heart freespeeching forward. Peace.