Were you a political observer when Clinton or Carter was in office?
Memphis Blues

I don’t actually like this, but endorse the message and appreciate the line of thinking! My first political memories are of childhood baptist church compatriots shitting on the baptist preacher antiwar pussy from Georgia.

He was gone by the time I was born in 83. But I vividly remember the way people sputtered, spluttered, and foamed at the mouth like rabid stray dogs about Clinton befouling the oval office with oral sex.

Which was weird because the alpha males that suffuse rural towns where everyone goes to church don’t think anything is cooler than a bj.

So yeah, I sort of got the vibe. Baptists who love blow jobs hate other baptists and guys who get them. That hipdeep hypocrisy prepared me for today’s disappointments. So I was less crestfallen than most by the election of this shitty new precedent.