plenty of time to work the action three times before a car completed that short straightaway
Rather Drive

Nevermind the road friend! Zapruder established the official shots timeline at seven seconds. Yes, I admit I can operate a bolt three times in seven seconds. And I might even be able to hit whatever I’m aiming at at least once.

But probably not while sweating bullets and doing the most important thing I’ve ever done that will lead to farreaching historical consequences of global proportions. And promptly bring the entire state apparatus of the world’s most powerful government to bear on little ole me.

Anyone who’s ever gotten away with anything knows about nerves and anxiety. His would have been unimaginable. And — independent of the multitude of other contrary facts — speaks volumes against his having pulled it off.

Part six is going up today; all about Oswald. I look forward to your views:) Thanks for writing.