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no man, sorry. only one contemporaneous account exists: flavius josephus.

unless jesus was one of ancient rome’s best-kept secrets, his nature and even his very existence were the subject of much debate until at least the council of nicaea in 325.

until then, the gospels were just oral traditions: campfire and bedtime stories. the only things written down to that point were the jewish books you disparage and of course peter and paul’s letters.

there is no doubt romans crucified spartacus and the survivors of his slave army. because not only is there a multitude of sources, but it’s also a matter of official record.

the roman and successor protestant churches rely on the roman execution of a roman prisoner condemned to death by a roman governor. some roman would have written this down.

if not out of simple job responsibilities as pontius pilate’s admin assistant, then certainly at some later point once the need to fabricate a record proving the most fundamental point of your magic story became obvious.

but instead, only one lonely jew bothered to write it down.

and I’m not one, but do at least know that the torah does not specify messianic crucifixion torture porn. that’s a purely christian preoccupation.

ps. only you guys and the islams are waiting for anything these days. most jews lost their faith generations ago once science, astronomy, and current events exposed it to be illogical.

from my perspective, a testament to jewish perspicacity. but I’m sure from yours, one more example of poor decision-making that will end with jews burning in fiery hell along with everyone else who doesn’t agree with you.

lovely faith you got there. can’t see why people wouldn’t want to join.

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