Oh, it’s a parody, I get it. Thanks for the confusing chuckle.
That Tim Guy

No man, you missed it. It’s a call to arms; not a parody. Like the genuine conservative he is, Clint somehow also managed to miss the point. Of his own work moreover.

His entire oeuvre is all about the underdog, little guy, and dispossessed. I can’t think of a single film of his that reinforces ruling structures, big biz, bullies, or any kind of ism.

A couple — like Heartbreak Ridge and American Sniper — flirt with jingoism. But then he’s got Gran Torino and the Outlaw Josey Wales, which are invectives against same.

But nothing shines like Play Misty for me, Eiger Sanction, Where Eagles Dare, or Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.

Thanks for reading! Peace.

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