That’s a side-serve of trolling BS — I was referring to your point comforting to actual nazis i.e.,
Matthew Norman Davies

No, that was low-hanging fruit. Like the serpent, you should apologize to eve for tempting her. But I’ll take your bait anyway.

Simplistic, reductionist generalizations for starters: Nuremberg laws didn’t pass until two years after they institutionalized reichstag gains and president Hindenburg named Hitler dictator, kristallnacht was five years later, and Wannsee nine. What about that isn’t nearly a decade?

Granted: it became a single party state within months, and I’m conflating all-out authoritarianism with the high watermark of the total war when it finally started to end in February 1943 outside Stalingrad. Nine years and 11 months after the March 1933 sham elections that validated their fantasy.

Not just nearly, but almost an actual decade.