You’re an idiot if you think that politics and race are inextricably associated.
Rüdiger Thiede

Not only are they inextricable, but race is modern politics! Especially in the last civilized country to outlaw slavery.

Maybe not in classic Rome where skintone was darker and slavery equal opportunity. But definitely now in the white, industrial world.

Fall of Rome: granted. But not for two millennia. Barbarians’ descendants only mimicked their enslavers from the Gothic period until Luther. So more like one millennium.

And you must have misunderstood the trump youth reference. Because it’s not a comparison, but an equivalency. Liardi models himself and his group loud and proud after the Hitler Youth. That’s their schtick. It’s not like I’m making this shit up man!

Thanks for reading. But if this pissed you off so much, I suggest not reading anything else I write.