A Triumphant Left Comes For The Clint Eastwood Liberals First, Friend
Daniel Reagan Diggins

One small step for commenter; one giant leap for commenting.

Read more of my stuff man. Guaranteed to raise your hackles. But at least it will be engaging!

As to your aproposes:

Vaquero totally sounds Mexican to me.

Thinking the president shares anything in common with me — like a love for Clint’s oeuvre — makes me ill. Going to have a hard time getting behind anything this guy does — no matter how good it might possibly though implausibly be — for fear of being mistaken as one of his supporters.

No way I can disagree with your four points. Another commenter also pointed out that all the good Clint ever did was done indirectly in the name of kicking someone else’s ass. He wasn’t in it for the little guy; he was in it for himself and some personal vendetta.

Like you aptly point out, his collateral damage could be astonishing. But nothing like the 90s musclemen action heroes. Fucking Schwarzenegger and Willis. Now that’s some epic collateral.

Glad you liked it:) Thanks for writing! Read the rest of my shit man.

And great idea: Charlton Heston Anarchosocialists coming right up. To be followed promptly by Yul Brynner Democrats and Jack Palance Progressives. Maybe John Wayne Weirdos too.