Yes… “..,so why couldn’t we” says the writer named Cohen.
Charles Bronson

Something…says the commenter hiding behind the stage name of Lipka Tatar (a turkic muslim; positive you don’t know this word, except in the context of fish sandwiches), Polish/Lithuanian actor Charles Buchinsky.

Who felt compelled to hide his heritage and ethnicity due to proto-altright 1950s HUAC anticommunist, nativist hysteria. Out of fear that you fuckers’ ancient hatreds would torpedo his career.

There’s a reason he’s the world’s favorite actor, but not America’s.

I love Charles Bronson. Shameful that you’ve coopted him for your lies.

And not all Cohens are jewish you leering antisemite. Some of us are lower middle class white midwest heartland christian anglosaxon straight men. A foul lot indeed. Some might even say deplorable. Guns and asskicking.

But I’m glad you found something resonant in my piece. Since we likely have so much in backwoods baptist common, you should check out some others: