Except the part where Trump got less white people to vote for him then Romney.

Sorry Leo. This will be my only response to you. I fucking hate the time-consuming narcissism of social media. Know I have whatever you comment coming because of the foul things I write. Don’t want to talk to you url or irl. And would rather do almost anything else. So shit away on my sneering authority. Just don’t expect a response.

You hypocrites owe this brief moment in the sun of self-immolation to old white undereducated men in a handful of rural states who tipped the electoral college in his favor. All demographics and constructs with at least one foot in the grave. You make no sense and your electorate is literally dying:

This last unpopularity contest had the lowest turnout since Clinton’s reelection. And the golden idol you so absurdly worship only emerged as your candidate because every GOP offering in 2016 was so abysmal.

Can’t imagine that you supported the least christian of them all during the primaries when you had fellow believe-anythings to endorse. But if you did, then you’re even dumber and more hypocritical than I already think.

I’m born, raised, and born again deplorable. I know these people better and more intimately than most. Don’t care what the precedent’s voters think because there are so few of you: less than a quarter of eligible voters. You have no mandate. Our democracy is in shambles precisely because of the stupidity, disinterest, and shiftlessness bred by your gutter politics. And we’ll get the court back. Count on it motherfucker.

He’s the president our shit, unfinished culture war society deserves though. That’s for sure. Just will never understand how ostensible christian patriots can staunchly support someone so diametrically opposed to their own loudly asserted family values.

Be well you fucking freak. Peace.

Ps. Maybe I will respond in future. By copypasting this ad nauseam (latin if you want to look it up).