Abella Bateyunga
Feb 9, 2018 · 2 min read

My 10 lessons on Leading young so far.

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Abella Bateyunga, Founder and Excutive Director of Tanzania Bora Initiative (Tanzanian Youth led NGO)

I just thought for my first blogging I should share my recent ongoing learning that has both grown me in wisdom,insight and knowledge and has at times almost led me to insanity , growing pains ;-), and that’s nothing more than as a Young leader leading fellow young people to live a purpose driven life that gives more that it take.

My learning on Leading young so far are:

  1. Until your earn it, credibility can be borrowed.
  2. Do it though afraid, courage will find you along the way, if it will at all!
  3. You stop learning, you stop growing.
  4. Boredom only means you need a new challenge.
  5. I am not an expert of a single area, will try it all, and drop what serves me less as I keep growing.
  6. Challenges do not mark the end, but enlight the begining of a new era i.e Whoever sees the problem, has the solution in them.
  7. At times keeping quite and not being right all the time has saved more bussiness partnership and deals that being arrogant and all knowing.
  8. Innovation is crazy mind unleashed, not unless your willing to embarrass yourself with new ideas and risk the vulnerability of being judged, you will never sit at the trend setters and traiblazers table.
  9. Media, Inovation and Arts are the platforms that can carry so many other discliplines alongside if well researched and creatively engaged.
  10. Young people once well guided can provide you with solutions unfathomed, first you gotta have to learn to lead and understand them, and be able to pass their ‘entitlement status’, once they believe you see them for who they are and understand them, they will open up their true world to you, and that’s when magic is birthed!
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Some of the Tanzania Bora Initiative team members with big dreams ;-)

That’s all for now. Holla at me if you can identify with any of my lessons learned ;-)!

Peace and love.

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