How I raised $1M within 5 months after the 2008 financial crisis

People raise capital every day and I often get asked what it was like to raise a million dollars within 5 months after the 2008 financial crisis. Well, to sum it up, “it was insanely hard, but it was the greatest business achievement of my life. Even better than raising my first $500K.”

As many of you recall, in October, 2008 the world changed dramatically. With the financial collapse, no one knew what was going to happen and for a startup, life expectancy was very short. Many may…

Email Overload & How I Solved It

Email overload is a hot topic that has been around for a good 10+ years in my career. People are mad that Outlook hasn’t solved it and so many entrepreneurs go after creating “email killers.” I wont knock anyone for trying to build the next great email application (Mailbox got well paid for their slick app), although email is not the problem, it is how people use email. …

The Tools I Use Daily

As product developers there are lots of different tools we can use to build products. Since I am often asked how I get my job done, here is a list of tools I use to get the job done.

Project Management/SCRUM: Asana
Asana is a great product for managing projects and keeping everyone on point. As a manager and doer, I like it because assignments can be documented easily, priorities set, and it keeps conversations all in one place.

Prototyping: Axure
I am a big fan of Axure. It is one of the more advanced and…

Abe McCallum

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