Men want women to remind them of themselves during sex because it’s easier to relate to, and many women value their own pleasure only in so far that it turns men on.
Squirting is Peeing
Emma Lindsay

And herein lies the issue.

And isn’t this similar to the intercourse/outcourse orgasm/gspot debate. *Sigh..

I had to break from your article to go read the article you linked to plus all of the comments. Denial is strong.

Let me tell you that as a woman in many roles — friend, lover, fucker, student midwife, listener, observer — I am aware that many men and women barely know the difference between the vagina and the urethra. That women pee out of their vaginas is a common statement. And that is basic.

But what about knowledge of the clitoris being external and internal? That is advanced.

Remember there are those that believe that the penis may poke the fetus in the head/eye — so no sex!

It seems that women and men believers (or wannabe believers) of special women squirting orgasms need to know that the man has done a good job of pleasing the woman. And the moaning and “oh yes, yes I am cumming” is not good enough without the visual. They also need to know that the sex is over, or at least, over enough because the goal has been accomplished.

Sex’s focus has been on men and their product…the big finale…the facials and cum shots — Not on the fluttery, quivering contractions of the vaginal introitus, the subtle pulls on the clitoral hood, the engorged labia. Let me see you WET THE BED!

There are women who barely have visual proof that they have gotten wet enough for the sex to have been pleasurable and not a sticky, abrasive, vaginal-tearing bacteria-flourishing mess. Hormones, lack of arousal…so many things it could be.

How can it be pee if I already peed and this is sweet and clear and smells of rainbows? Well, have you ever not drank soda, and then got a soda with your take out meal and realized that you now have to piss like a race horse several times within the next hour..and that pee is crystal clear? Have you ever had an anxiety-producing situation in which you have suddenly had the urge to pee, although you may’ve just peed, and it was also a full throttle piss?

Maybe women are relieving anxiety through sex. Or hell, maybe the sex is producing anxiety.

The problem will be if indeed it is coitus-induced urination that leads to eventual non-coitus induced involuntary urination.

But you’re right about the whole thing surrounding lying to women. If it is pee, then it just fucking pee.

I prefer not to pee because I already get the bed wet and sloppy enough, with or without orgasm. I don’t want to have to line my bed with a shower curtain. And I want my men to try harder each time, it keeps them on edge.

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