I wrote something almost identical to this in my blog, widowedat50.blogspot.com
Timothy Buck

Hi Timothy Buck, are you talking about the not being able to believe it’s a month part, or the feeling like I had sex in my sleep part? ;) If it’s the latter, it’s happened a few times.

I can’t remember when I first read your post on Medium entitled, I’m Sorry For Your Loss, but I do remember what you wrote and how it resonated with me. As I have read many grief posts across Medium, I have noticed many of the exact same features throughout everyone’s experiences.

I see that you don’t write on this site any more, so I’m going to start reading your posts on blogspot (which I didn’t know that website still existed). Somehow, I am comforted in reading about the grief of others.

And thank you for commenting. It got me to re-read this old post of mine (it dates back to the very beginning, the date listed is not quite accurate as I was initially posting on Facebook, and then started copying the posts here on that date) and revisit some feelings without fear.

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