math sux

Last fall, I was briefly attempting to study for another certification test. Briefly means, I spend maybe a week, maybe a weekend, crashing information into my brain for an expensive examination that I hope not to fail but don’t have enough desire or hours in my life to put any more serious effort into it. I have done this a handful of times….ok, maybe more. I was going to take this test to get into a new job.

This test was going to have several subject areas in it, one of which was my least favorite. I hate math. It’s not because I am bad at it. I just don’t care. I see no use for it outside of basic calculations. But the practice questions were asking about about probability and interest and shit I didn’t know I needed to know given the purpose of this test. I went to my local math buddy for help. :)

Bo is the only person I knew who knew or enjoyed math. He told me to send the problems to Him and that He would get to it after work. I took photos from the book and messaged them to His Uber phone.

The next day, He came over and demonstrated them to me. However, there were two He couldn’t wrap His head around and His explanation was that the problems didn’t have enough information. I looked at Him side-eyed [in my imagination] because I couldn’t believe that He couldn’t come up with the answer. I mean, what the hell was I supposed to do?

I ended up not taking that test because I came up with another plan that I told Bo about in our last in-person conversation. This wasn’t to avoid the math but rather to pick another job — a better one. And so instead, I studied for the test that Bo had already taken and said was easy, that old lover had some study books for but had never taken the test, and that another higher up told me to take because I should because I could and that it would be easy for me. And it was. I passed it. I studied and passed it while Bo was in the hospital dying.

I’m studying math again because I am prepping to take yet another test. I can’t seem to get around it so I guess I must come through it. There must be a lesson in that somewhere.

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