What programming language should you learn first?
Quincy Larson

So first, most people use JavaScript now, but JavaScript developers are scarce to employ. Isn’t that contradictory?

JavaScript is fast for chat servers etc. without long running processes (at least compared to languages you cited) and that’s as far as it goes. What about multi-threading, code generation, CTFE, modelling power, etc? Those stuff are real-world requirements for large-scale code base. There is not enough time so learn something that is easy and will take you far into the future. JavaScript is easy to learn? Not good JavaScript coding. A LOT of JavaScript coders write inefficient code because someone said “ JavaScript is easy to learn” and they seem to know it already. JavaScript is hard to learn IMO. A lot of quirks. Huge pain. Typescript does not only do type checking, it also try to fix some quirks. With the added cost of adding up to the JavaScript fatigue.


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