Use The Most Efficient Molding Services According To Your Needs!

The Aberdeen Technologies, Inc. is elevating the excellence in the field of Insert Molding throughout the globe. Our corporation uses insert molding presses besides injection mold tooling in our world class tool shop. Our top level molding services have made us the best in the whole Illinois. We are acknowledged as a world premier company because of our determination to help the people with their broken tools and equipment. The first and the foremost aim of our corporation is to offer the highest level of molding services to the customers. No matter what kind of molding service you need, we can promise to exceed your expectation through our expertise every time.

We can take care of all the Molding Systems in Illinois with the help of the experts and the knowledge we have. Our services include Cable Overmolding in California, Mold Tooling, Insert and Plastics Molding in Illinois and much more. We are a one-stop shop to fulfill all of your molding needs effectively. The Molding Systems that we have are known as the best Molding Systems in Illinois. Not just help with your molding needs, but we can also serve you with high-level Surgical Instrument in New York.

Aberdeen specializes in insert and injection molding which is beneficial for different industry groups such as electronic or telecom components, medical devices, automotive parts, turnkey systems, mold tooling and consumer products. Visit for more information about us and our services.