The Story of My Life

I was born on the 22 of July, the same day my dad was born. I have been to 14 countries. The one thing i want to do is to travel the world, and meet new people. my hobbies include soccer, football, stamp, rock, and shell collecting. one of my dreams is to go skydiving over an ocean. I love traveling and meeting new people. I am fascinated by the diverse cultures of the world; i also love the way that everything is connected.I haven't even began my life journey but i can’t even wait.

This picture symbolizes traveling which is a dream of mine.

“So many books, so little time.”- This quote can be taken literally; there are so many books that nobody can ever finish them all in a single life span, however it can also be taken figuratively, life is short live life like you wont live to the next day.

I watched the football game on Friday.
I like to sleep.
Steve jobs created an empire from nothing and gave almost all of it to charity I wish to be half of him.
Albert Einstein was a genius man that wasn’t afraid of defying the norm of the era. He changed the way people thought of the world and is a huge inspiration to me.
Chief Keef is a great rapper and is a role model to many other kids.