Beginners Guide to Timeshare Vacations

If you are thinking to go on a vacation and are prospecting to buy timeshares but have no knowledge about it, here we have enlisted few basic things that will give you a fair idea of what timeshare properties are and which option is more feasible for you. Aberfoyle Holidays has timeshare for sale for you to buy anywhere in the world.

What is buying a timeshare?

Timeshare is having ownership of a place in a resort for a period of time depending on the lease. A resort can offer to sell timeshares to a person and the person can have 50% ownership of the property i.e. he has booked that property for himself and his family to vacation at a specific period of time every year. If you buy a timeshare, you have to pay maintenance fees for it annually. You can browse through many timeshares for sale at a competent price at Aberfoyle Holidays.

What are the types of ownership?

There are three types of ownership — Deeded timeshare, leased timeshare and licensed timeshare.

  • In deeded timeshare, you have bought the rights of the timeshare to yourself and you can now sell it, rent it or even add it to your will for your heirs. This type of ownership does not have an expiration date.
  • In leased timeshare, you get the timeshare for a specific period of time (say 20–29 years) to use it during agreed specific weeks. You can always renew this contract before its expiration with the resort.
  • In licensed timeshare, you have to have a membership with a resort’s vacation club. On taking membership, the owners receive points which they can exchange with other timeshare offers available at a resort chain.

What are the types of timeshare use period?

There are generally three types of timeshare use period- Fixed weeks, floating weeks and flex time.

  • When you buy a fixed weeks timeshare, you use that timeshare for a specific week each year as long as you own the property.
  • In floating weeks timeshare, you can use the timeshare anytime during the year depending on the availability of the resort.
  • In Flex time timeshare, you get the benefits of floating weeks timeshare but with restrictions. You can ask the resort about the conditions of the flex time shares and they will guide you about their policies since each resort have different policies.

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Originally published at on June 23, 2017.