By Aidan Berg

Final Project for JOUR 432


Column: Bohn must focus on coordinators

Just last week, USC football was at a complete crossroads. Coming off an up-and-down regular season that was nonetheless a marked improvement over 2018’s 5–7 disaster, fans and media alike thought it would be the…

Correlation, of course, does not always mean causation. Nevertheless, Aidan Berg decided to take a closer look at the relationship between NBA stars and their steal rates in college

(Twitter / 247Sports. Photo Illustration by Nathan Graber-Lipperman)

Editor’s Note: For the purpose of this article, steal rate is defined as “an estimate of the percentage of opponent possessions that end with a steal by the player while he was on the floor.”

The other day, I came across a well-written profile of NBA Draft prospect Cam Reddish…

A rendering of the Florence Mills Apartments (Photo: Hollywood Community Housing Corporation)

Amid the rising homeless population in Los Angeles, affordable housing is being developed in one South L.A. neighborhood.

The Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (HCHC) broke ground on the Florence Mills Apartments in February, a mixed-use housing development in the Vernon/Central neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

The Florence Mills Apartments are…

Photo via Oklahoma City Thunder official Twitter page

This won’t be like the MVP opinions of all the internet trolls out there: I don’t think that there is a clear-cut NBA Most Valuable Player this season, one candidate who sticks out above the rest as to make the decision easy. …

Aidan Berg

USC Annenberg 2021. SWHS 2017, Medill Cherub 2016. The Unprofessional.

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