Companies Providing Construction And Infrastructure Services in Brisbane Australia

A tunnel is a long and narrow underground passageway having an entry and exit at both ends. Tunnels are used to serve different purposes like canal passage, road for vehicles, subway, water supply, way for trains, passage of electrical cables and many more.

Tunnels are very common in places like London, Paris, Newcastle, Sydney, Hong Kong and many other places. The first stage in construction of tunnels starts with a geophysical surveys or techniques to determine the underground structure of the proposed location for the tunnel, and after which other processes follow.

The ways and methods which a tunnel is constructed depends on certain factors like underground water level and condition of the proposed site, the size and depth of the proposed tunnel, underground nature of the proposed site and others.

A tunnel construction requires the service of professionals and experts with an in-depth experience in tunnelling, like Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure.

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure is an Australian company with a lot of achievements recorded in tunnel construction like the rehabilitation of Cotter Tunnel, Olympic Park Pedestrian Tunnel and Pocket Pack, Blackall Range Tunnel and Tunnel 2 Blockhead Restoration.

With services not limited to construction of tunnels, Abergeldie also provide services in other areas like:

Energy — Electrical and communication infrastructure and other areas like petrol chemical refineries, plants and terminals.

Marine — Construction of marine infrastructure projects, terminal repair, jetty upgrades and wharf remediation.

Mining — Provision of safe mining facilities and ventilation shafts.

Water — Installation and design of water recycling plants, reservoirs, aeration and water storage facilities.

Pipe renewal and laying — Pipe inspection, pipe cleaning, pipe sealing and general pipe repair works.

Whenever you need a tunnel construction company to handle your tunnelling and other projects, Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure have the right team of experts for such.