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The Great Unlocking

Indeed. Personally, I believe that creating a society that can do without minarchism is possible. Take medieval Iceland as an example. It’s system of government was the closest thing to what we might identify as an anarcho-capitalist “state”. While it had the “Althing”, the oldest parliament known, it’s lawmakers could not enforce the law. That responsibility fell on chieftains who *competed* for clients amongst the population who needed the law to be enforced. Thus, they had essentially private armies defending private citizens who contracted them (unlike a feudal set up). Deals could be struck depending on your fancy. The judicial was just as decentralised and private if anything else. All this came to a close when the island later came under the Danish kingdom which introduced classic compulsory taxation laws that we all know and love to the poor Icelanders.

I don’t know if we can replicate medieval Iceland’s system today, but I’d like to believe that, if we start small, it can grow to become a global norm.

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