Funny that you don’t seem to see that Wikileaks also has an agenda.
St. Steven

Nowhere have I explicitly mentioned that Wikileaks has no agenda, nor have I said it’s perfect. I’ve merely pointed out that what they’re doing is interesting as a model for a future iteration of an open governance system and that the information they give has been useful, for better or worse. In fact, they recently announced that they will work with tech companies to strengthen our digital infrastructure against hacking by state actors. Is that not a good thing for everyone?

Assange seems to have genuine desire to open up the world imo, particularly the free world that is obsessed with unaccountable secrecy in the name of national security when it ought to embrace the exact opposite.

I invite you to see some of his insightful notes on Google’s agenda and the nature of modern NGO activities here.

Bottom line: this is all very idealistic I know (I’ve received many DMs to that effect) but it’s implementation will be extremely beneficial to the world. That is my opinion ultimately.