Home is Where the Holes Are

OR: Isn’t it time for an update on my life?

I had 8 months between deciding to move to Seattle and actually moving to Seattle. 8 months of saving money and links, waiting for the day my relocation card and I could pounce upon my badass apartment-to-be.

Well. It’s taken approximately 4 months for the explosion to wrap up, but I’d say the worst is past.

Many thanks to all the lovely people who contributed to my Etsy Gift Card birthday present and made much of this possible ^.^

Welcome to My Fort!

I never heard Starbucks Lovers.

Our most ambitious project to date is undeniably the Living Room blanket fort. Combine the sweet sweet vibes of Fort Kickass (No Boys Allowed) with some couches and fairy lights and you have our sick hangout space.

I totally dig it. Which is a good thing, given the money and man-hours that we invested in it. Also all the holes in the wall. But hey, no hard feelings, right Ceiling?

The Wheels on the Chairs go Round and Round

The second chair is for the least-favored guest. This way you’ll always know where you stand…or sit, I suppose.

It was an exciting day when we could eat at the table and not on the floor. To be honest probably less exciting than the first day we owned more than one bowl.

The Not-So-Sedentary Lifestyle

Casual Whiteboard Wall in the background.

I’ve been using a sit/stand desk for a few months now at work, and I love it. It stops me feeling constrained and earns me some free background calorie burning.

And tbh as someone who mostly laptops from their bed, having a seated desk didn’t seem very useful. With the added bonus of now having an incentive to go down to the cafe and get some low-level socialising in if I need a table.

Jamming Things Into Jars

In the war for instant gratification vs perfection, instant gratification wins out every time.

I trekked out to the hardware store through the rain to pick up supplies for this lot, and then managed not to die drilling metal thanks to some impromptu DIY safety gear.

It makes my room look pretty art, and clears up my desk, so I’m 100% thrilled with how this turned out.

Wannabee Honeycombs

So these slide on to the screws from the right. And you can see how close they are to the wall…..some extra drilling and ingenuity may have been required.

Hexagons are my jam right now. Not entirely sure why, but I’m rolling with it. Rolling with it hardcore, even, with these lovely honeycomb shelves from Haase Handcraft.

They comfortably hold all my decorative items and art supplies, and most of my camera gear. I’m quite pleased with the sizing; more storage space only incentivizes acquiring more things, and that’s not at all the goal (in Seattle or ever).

Carbon-Dioxide Removal Tools

I just feel this kinship with dead plant sex organs

My adoration for flowers extends far beyond them being beautiful excuses for excessive quantities of lighting-experiment photos.

Unfortunately my ability to keep them alive doesn’t extend beyond about a week. Ah well, you win some you lose some.

Inspiring Wall-Pixels

Punk!Alice is most definitely bae

I’ve been saving links to posters and paintings with gleeful abandon and total disregard for cost for quite some time now.

I fell in love with sunflower tattoos and teal hair thanks to Fukari.

I found my spirit animal in ‘Bitch I Might Be’!Shakespeare from Look Human.

I figured out how to concisely and dryly express disappointment in humanity (and yet stay upbeat) with some help from Obvious State’s literary posters.


Skies and trees. Literally that is all I paint. Nothing else. Like if instead of saying ‘No Capes’ Edna instead said ‘Nothing but skies and trees’.

My paintings are just waiting for a sign constructed of alphabetic fridge magnets. “bEths aRT”, or something along those lines.

The Sleep-Mobile

If I’m very lucky my bed is graced with sunshine and gorgeous company

The Sleep-Mobile does have wheels, but they’re better for bruises than locomotion. Frankly quite disappointing, but I make do.

My bed (feat. fox duvet) is probably my favorite place in Seattle so far…which really just means I have some exploring to do! I’m liking Ballard and Fremont a lot, but nowhere has the kind of quiet hidey-holes I inhabited in Sydney.

Fingers crossed I’ll make some progress on finding the hidden gems(and if I do it right they’ll be too good to share, but we’ll see….).