Getting some of that GF street cred

Portage Bay Cafe (391 Terry Ave N., Seattle)

Considering that brunching was my favorite past-time in the last few months before I left Sydney, I’ve done surprisingly little of it in Seattle.

It makes sense when you factor in working weekdays and sleeping weekends, and my incredibly diminished social circle. But it’s still a bit disappointing. Do you truly live somewhere if you can’t immediately suggest the perfect place when a visitor drops the “Where should we go to brunch” bomb?

Rhetorical questions aside, I’m pleased to announce that by my newly-invented criterion I do in fact live in Seattle. Or parts of it anyway.

Dungeness Crab Cake Benedict; Holy mother of yum. It’s hard to go wrong with any of eggs benedict, crab or potatoes, so all 3 meant for a party in my mouth. (Well, for the few bites I stole off Andrew anyhow).

Portage Bay Cafe is a quintessential Seattle eatery. It’s organic. Sustainable. Bursting with vegan/gluten free options. Full of twists on classic menu options — Crab Cake Benedict, anyone? How about Pumpkin Porridge? Would you like hemp milk in your coffee?

Suffice to say, it’s pretty trend. So trend that you have to make a booking if you want a weekend table (you can do that from google maps now!).

Swedish Pancakes; I’m not actually a huge lingonberry fan, but the crepes themselves were great. A tad chewy though.

The main attraction for anyone avoiding gluten is probably the 3 different kinds of gluten-free pancakes; hence the first thing I ordered was the Swedish Pancakes.

Any Pancakes/French Toast dish earns you a trip to the Breakfast Bar — a magical place filled with bowls of strawberries and overflowing quantities of whipped cream. And somehow those weren’t even my favorite dishes!

Winter Frittata; This was a little more inhaled than consumed. Oops. The (unreasonably delicious) gluten free toast it came with served as a happily unexpected bonus.

For a place as hectic and busy as Portage Bay, I would have understood if the wait-times were a tad outrageous. And yet, both times I’ve been the drinks have come out in < 5 minutes and the food in < 30. #NotBad.

Pumpkin & Millet Porridge; Delicious, although not the most photogenic of dishes

I guess the next level after this would be to spend a month going vegan to add to my obscure-but-high-reward knowledge for impressing visitors with. (Actually, Flying Apron Pastry is probably the intersection in that Venn Diagram. How am I doing? :P)

In conclusion; Portage Bay is great. 10/10 will eat again.

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