Snow (in) Fall

OR: The recurring theme of Seattle-is-Actually-Pretty-Great

I know (from traumatic personal experience) that snow in Seattle isn’t anything to look forward to; it’s infrequent, kills traffic and ends up as dirty slush.

But this one time, it was awesome.

Photo by Andrew Semler ^.^

So let me tell you a story. It all starts on a Saturday morning.

Really evoking that Christmas feeling

You open your eyes to an oddly white world.

I could not get over the park benches. So many beautiful angles.

Put on a coat (or 3) and head down to the park (joining an abundance of dog-owners).

This guy was so perfectly picturesque.

It helps when you have your own puppy friends to frolic with.

Feat. Kassy and Captain

You don’t have to get your hands wet to see a snowman, somebody’s already Calvin and Hobbs’d it up.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Your fingers start to go numb as you watch the snow flurries…

Snow flurries are basically the definition of magic.

So you find yourself holing up in a cafe with some friends (and a cute waitress)…

My hands enjoyed the hot chocolate even more than my tongue did

Forever grateful that Seattle’s weather continues to exceed your expectations.

Cal Anderson Park, in all its snow-covered glory

The End.

(Except for the part where you spend like 3 weeks editing snow photos because you got a bit trigger happy).

It was the perfect amount of snow, combined with all the bright colors of autumn. And it lasted for days ☺

So I’ll save the typical grey rainy Seattle winter photos for another day, and embrace the ones that perfectly encapsulate the boundary between Autumn and Winter.

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